ABINIT, first lesson of the tutorial: The H2 molecule, without convergence studies. This lesson aims at showing how to get the following physical properties. ABINIT, third lesson of the tutorial: Crystalline silicon. This lesson aims at showing you how to get the following physical properties, for an insulator: the total. Abinit tutorials based on AbiPy. Contribute to abinit/abitutorials development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Finally, in order to make numerical errors cancel, it is important to compute the above-mentioned difference in the same box, for the same cut-off, and even for a tutorila in the box that is similar to the molecule case although the latter might not be so important.

We will now complete the description of the meaning of each term: Do not try to understand everything immediately.

ABINIT. Tutorial #3

So, in the Work directory, type: Note that the number of SCF cycles drops from 6 to 5 when the wavefunctions are read from the previous dataset. The latter solution is of course preferable, as the response time will not depend on the network traffic.

So, you run the code with your input file this might hutorial one or two minutesexamine the output file quickly there are many repetition of sections, for the different datasetsand get the output energies gathered in the final echo of variables:.

The following schema should help you to understand these dependencies. Make sure that the last line, gives the correct location of the pseudopotential.

The very first step is a detailed tour of the input and output files: The interatomic distance in the t The forces vanish also between 1. They might be used for other operating systems, but the commands have to be adapted. Ghosez, Non-linear optical susceptibilities, Raman efficiencies and electrooptic tensors from first-principles density functional perturbation theory, Phys. You might try the following series of grids: Also later, we will look at this file, and learn about its content.


After having gone through it, you should read general explanation about its content, and the format of such input files in the section 3. Specialized lessons except response functions and many-body perturbation tutoorial Extensive on-line tutorials and an active forum already provide a helpful basic support to users.

For Hydrogen, we are lucky that the ground state is spherical 1s orbitaland that the highest occupied level and lowest unoccupied level, although degenerate, have a different spin.

There are different algorithms to do that. Have also a look at kpt and iscf. To check that everything tuyorial correct, you can make a diff of t The latter reference is a must if you have not yet used another electronic structure code or a Quantum Chemistry package. It is nkpt1 2 nkpt2 10 nkpt3 28 nkpt4 60 ABINIT computes this number of k point, from the definition of the grid and the symmetries.

You can copy it in the Work3 directory and change it as you did for the t1x.

These might appear in the description of some input variables The description of the header is presented in section 6. The first step the most important, and the most difficult! There are different algorithms to do that. You will have a bit more freedom after that first step Such a fluctuation is quite often observed for a value converging to zero remember, we ask the code to determine the abinih geometry, that is, forces should be zero when the same computation is done on different platforms.


Computation of the atomisation energy. For this, you abiit read the section 3. It is also worth to change the stopping criterion for the SCF cycle, in order to be sure that the forces generated for each trial interatomic distance are sufficiently converged. Tutkrial tutorial will start at 8: The input variable ” prtden ” must be set to 1. For the present time, we will ignore them. Lessons cover the basics, other lectures are more specialized.

It announce clearly that you should use nkpt That is, 21 calculations. You can begin to read it. Well, this is not completely right, as the code took advantage of the time-reversal symmetry, valid for the k-point 0 0 0to decrease the number of planewave by about a factor of two. Note that tutoriap number of SCF cycles drops from 7 to 5 when the wavefunctions are read from the previous dataset. Compare with the lessons mentioned in the index of the Tutorial home page. The 3×3 matrices symrel define the symmetries operation.

Some lessons depends on other lessons. Joannopoulos, “Iterative minimization techniques for ab initio total-energy calculations: At present, more than thirty lessons are available.

ABINIT: the tutorials

We start from the wbinit interatomic distance 1. Well, this is not completely right, as the code took advantage of the time-reversal symmetry, valid for the k-point 0 0 0to decrease the number of planewave by about a factor of two.

What is the difference of eigenenergies between the two electronic states? These are particularly important input variables.