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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Contains provisions concerning, inter alia, wages and fringe benefits, such as compensations for social secreto premiums. Aid for consultancy in favour of SMEs Art. Labour Laws Amendment Ordinance, No. Decree of 12 June attributing a special financial benefit in and a year-end bonus in for civil employees in the national police service sector. Lays down provisions concerning wages and other benefits to which members of the Decreti are entitled. Decree of 12 June attributing a special financial benefit in and a year-end bonus in for civil employees in the national police service sector.

EUR-Lex – XC(09) – EN – EUR-Lex

Regulates the payment of travel and boarding allowances, indemnities dfcreto employment elsewhere and for tours of duty abroad. Refund of Subsidy Payments. Section II regulates the financing of the General civil pension fund.

Regulates the income and pension of military personnel.


Decreto lei 6722 de 2008 republican

OJ C 39, Concerns primarily personnel at the university level and aims at harmonizing bonuses with those provided for medical personnel in health care institutions attached to universities.

Inserts a new Part VIA relating to departure from formula assessment of child support. Fixes the minimum wage of young persons, between 16 and 21 years old, to a 672 percentage of the minimum wage of an adult worker, as determined by the Land Ordinance Minimum Wages. Section IV concerns the Fund for the industrial disability insurance for civil servants.

Decree establishing detailed rules for hours of work and overtime remuneration of passenger-vehicle drivers. Payment of Wages Amendment Act No.

Minimum Decrero Amendment Act This decree povides new and amended wage scales for teachers, professors, researchers and other personnel at universities and related institutes. Special situations Chapter X: Would you like to keep them? Summary Proceedings Decfeto Act That Commission was responsible for fixing rates of wages and devreto all the other terms of employment for workers in the banking industry.

Objections Against Cancellation of Certificate. Transitional and final provisions. Organizaciones Internacionales – Salarios – Acuerdo internacional. Papua Nueva Guinea – Salarios – Ley. Provides for a cost of living allowance for employees and sets forth the conditions for granting it.

Decree of 23 December amending the law Stb. Regulates the income and pension of military personnel. Minimum Wage Amendment Act No.


Comprises of 12 Sections and 93 articles. Temporary provisions respecting the minimum income required in order to obtain unemployment benefits under ss. Chapter 10 deals with persons representing bankruptcy estate.

X of amends Ch. These concern social security and related taxation laws on income, wages, and business partnerships as reviewed in the fiscal regime and saving methods for income tax. Act to adapt a number of Social Security Acts and certain other Acts, and to establish rules for the implementation of these Acts in accordance with the proposals of the Commission on the Simplification of the Tax Burden on Wages and Incomes Act to adapt supplement-premium payment rules.

Paraguay – Salarios – Ley. Decree of 29 June on minimum youth wage regulation. Contains protection against dismissal of an employee in 622 of whom an attachment order has been served on his or her employer. The text makes numerous amendments to the Payment of Wages Act of decrreto apply to the Punjab.

Industrial Relations Amendment Act An Act to repeal the Remuneration Act and to make provision incidental thereto. Labour Relations Amendment Act