Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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In the three rooms on the West side of this area there are three treasure spheres to open one in each room. Then, after Staggering him, use Heavy Slash from Schemata 1 to deal damage.

Head there — the cat will now give you a quest.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

On the contrary, you want to go Southeast and then East all the way to finzl the next mural-room. These enemies can inflict status ailments, so just sit back and wait until they add a status ailment on Lightning. After the first fight the game will prompt a camera control tutorial.

You’ll be told to reach a certain location North in the city at In theory, since we plan to kill him as soon as the fight starts with a series of Overclocks, you should only need to stay in Schemata 2 physical immunitysince as xiii just said he starts in Commando. If you examine them you will receive a Forest Fertilizer. Return to the Eremite Plains the way you came from. There is actually a better weapon than this one as far as the STR parameter is concernedbut it costs a bit too much if you can afford it, it’s the Morgenstern, for sale atGil.

If you want, go back to farming Soul Seeds for another short while.

gantasy You must be “wearing” the Midnight Mauve Garb on-screen to do so. Both are found on the ground level. Therefore let’s use Teleport again to return to Wildlands station.


When it’s all done you want to teleport to Jagd Village in The Wildlands, so we can be there when it’s about Do so to receive the Mystery Egg item and complete the quest Rewards: The item he needs will be found on our way, soon enough. When you’re ready, teleport back to Nova Crystalia Luxerion North station.

If it’s open, then go through it and open the treasure inside it D for Deprotect Lv 2.

Table of Contents

In case you’re wondering “then why did they put them here? He’ll give you the item Father’s Letterand your goal is to make Pickett steal this item from you. Here you need to climb up the containers to the West side.

Gysahl to receive Gysahl Greens and start this story-related subquest. Before we do that, let me give you an overview detonwdo the Wildlands first:. You fantady reach this ledge by going up the stairs behind the kid. I know this may feel like a waste of time there’s about hours that we’re skippingbut on the other hand the only thing we could do now are the Canvas of Prayers quests, which in their turn are best done as late as possible in the game so it’s easier to kill enemies to get the items required to complete them.

This is a very simple fight actually: Hope at the Edge of Despair 21 15 Proof of one who has stood upon the stage in glittering Yusnaan, bringing peace to the Patron. If you want to only see the position of the numbers, check this map. Equip also a Guard ability Mediguard is better.

We have some spare time until midnight, so let’s use it to visit the cathedral and trigger a few optional scenes. As soon as you reach the Canopus Farm you will come across an Adventuring Essentials shop that sells the notes for these monsters: Schemata 3 should be used in case, for any reason, the fight will continue to fanasy point where he goes in Ravager mode.


Report to the Inquisitor, near the statue in North train station square Q on the mapto complete the quest Rewards: Then examine the wall next to where he’s standing.

We have just about 3 hours to sneak in the palace, grab everything on the way, and defeat the local deetonado to complete the main questline of Yusnaan. The suggested moment for Overclock in this battle is when the boss has lost already half of his health give or takewhich is when he starts using his “earthquake” and “I fantays them all” attacks both very dangerous. Speak with him C 1 to start another sub-quest.

Basically this kind of “shop” sells you info on the local enemies of an area, so you know in advantage what their weaknesses are, how many Fabtasy they have, and so on. After the fight, keep following the objective markers around to eventually trigger some cutscenes and reach The Ark.

This quest will need to be continued across multiple days we’ll come back here to continue it in due time. You will receive the item Ranulph’s Journal contents read if you read it as advised.

When it’s done, the quest will be completed Rewards: He’s found in that area with columns between the “Arcade” area and “The Residences”, on the West side of town. You can watch a video detknado this method here. Unlock the door on the way continue, and then continue to the end of the tunnel to return to The Revealer’s Quarter.

Let’s deal with some optional tasks now then.