Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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Some nice little details in those entries which help me build up an encounter around them. This is a short adventure with too much text to do what it tries to do, as was the style at the time.

Things that are NOT from the books, dungeln items and monsters mostly, help deliver that vibe. Where can you, for such little money get so many modules – especially for 1ed and 2ed?

Dungeon Magazine #17

The fact that they are short and space limited makes it more absurd for writers to spend time explaining reasons behind things and ways to force the players on the adventure. I understand your issue with magazinr the adventurers, however, these are only short adventures, designed for the magazine.

Anyway, the group meets a couple of asshole in a inn, neer-do-weels pretending to be travelers. After the entrance rooms four or so the things turns in to your typical Dungeon Magazine suckfest. Go with “Into the fire” from issue 1 first. Needless to say, I never subscribed or bought anything via mail from TSR maagazine again. Talk about convoluted bullshit…yech. I could go on at length. Then he just disappears, leaving his pack behind. Just a couple of names and some throw-away text.

At times it tries hard, like with the Boris the Phase Spider encounter, and several of the traps are involved affairs, but the entire thing just seems like some kind of in-joke adventure, slightly less absurd than WG9. The NPC monster-brother who guides the party potentially also has some great parts. The red dragon Flame has returned and found himself a new lair — a crystal citadel hovering above a sea of burning lava. Or dkngeon marrow adventure. This entry was posted in Dungeon MagazineReviews.

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Goblin rapelling down form the rafters on ropes. I think thats a critical element thats usually missing maazine most adventures mgazine intelligent lairs. Who is behind the strange happenings in the town of Dagger Rock? The amount of useless detail provided is staggering, especially when compared to the amount of generic descriptions given the treasure, dungeoj items straight from the book and in the descriptions of places and objects.

As Gnarley said, with nearly any Greenwood adventure which are usually pretty good just ignore the overlong and detailed backstory and hooks and railroads and just use the meat of the adventure as written.

Any and all help would be appreciated. dnugeon

If someone does an OSR version that should totally be worked in to it. Grant and David Boucher: The designer wants to run a low-level dungeon crawl for high level parties so he has to put in all this gimp shit to force things to happen the way he wants them dungon.

Dragonsfoot • View topic – Dungeon Magazine

This ends up being distracting and makes it harder to find the important bits during the game. So is a lot of their stuff. I was not at the time nor am I currently one to run modular adventures with any frequency, but I got a ton of ideas for my own campaign from raiding the pages of Dungeon.

A secret door behind a staircase?! Oh, and did I mention that the kobold tribe is all suicidal, as another way to gimp the party? Magic items should communicate wonder and mystery, not be a victorian-era listing of predictably catalogued powers.

Also very worthy of note: Instead it fills us in on what the high priests second in commands assistant boot washer had for a snack two decades before any relevant events. Everyone who stays n the area more than 30 minutes get shrunken down. Not the best of hooks, those appeal directly to the players rather than the characters, but still very good.


Dropping giant centipedes on the characters heads through holes in the ceiling, for example, and similar use of dungeon pests, appeals to me, as does the use of the goblins breaking a dam to flood the party out. The map has some interesting elements but it is essentially linear. There seems to be this mania to describe ancient history and provide explanations as to WHY something is going on. January 4, at 4: The cursed village has more good encounters, from a trapped baby tako caught in a bear trap to old mud-covered buildings and dead samurai with warnings, and, of course, the giant crocodiles of the adventure title.

Miners broke through to the goblin caves, got slaughtered, and a guard party has disappeared. Instead you want to just have a room with a vampire, beholder, and Medusa in it? Glad they went out of business. Heroes must journey to Mok-Turoknin’s ancestral keep and find some way to undo an evil curse which has brought the frost giant king back from the grave. Or any monsters or treasures that are not just straight out of dungoen book.

Thanks everyone keep suggestions coming. The difference is that Greenwood provides enough visual imagery in his writing that the scene comes alive in your mind. Proudly powered by WordPress.