George Gessert is an artist whose work focuses on the overlap between art and genetics. His exhibits often involve plants he has hybridized or documentation of . George Gessert has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MA in fine art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From to the present. George Gessert THEIR SILENCE IS A GIFT Interview by Arjen Mulder The question of beauty is a natural one for breeders of ornamental plants and flowers for.

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George Gessert – Wikipedia

We define ourselves through our interactions not only with other human beings, but with nonhuman beings, including those that have been genetically modified by our species.

I had promised flowers, but presented instead a not very interesting mass of seed pods and grassy leaves.

Both approaches are legitimate. The aesthetics of evolution, documented by George Gessert through iris breeding. He is especially interested in plant aesthetics and ways that gsorge aesthetic georgge affect evolution. At this point in history, with the help of Darwin and those who have built on his work, we don’t have to exercise much imagination to see our affinities with animals. In your book, you ask: Over time I also get to know something about my own evolving perceptions of particular plants.

The question is, what kind of awareness does this serve?

Bioart through evolution: George Gessert

Plant breeding is a lot of work, so I had to ask myself: That dualism dominated Western gallery art until very recently. But in plants, good looks don’t give any evolutionary advantage, georgf plants don’t have eyes.


If plant breeders geotge follow an economic logic in the selection of plant flower forms, what kind of logic do you follow when selecting specific plants for hybridization? They die on a regular basis, so to speak, dropping their leaves each autumn, letting their bodies above ground die, and so on.

If so, in what way do you think it does? What draws me to bessert is primarily curiosity, pleasure, and a feeling of being at home among them. To collect interesting variants, I had to learn about the environments in which Pacifica irises live.

It seems as if horticultural bio art was the one stronghold in the 20th-century arts where beauty survived.

George Gessert

But the burdens and privileges of art are not for everyone, even for people, like ornamental plant breeders, who devote their lives to aesthetic decisionmaking.

I look for textures, colors and patterns that delight and fascinate me. Having a vision is necessary for any breeding project, but can becomes a hindrance when it is too rigidly adhered to. An important part of their beauty is that even though they are vividly alive, they are not human.

So the beauty of plants can be elegiac. InGessert published Green Light: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The market is, of course, concerned about profit, not beauty, however we define it. His exhibits often involve plants that he has hybridized, georgf documentation of breeding projects. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: There have been plenty of other questions and criticisms, but not about plants as art.

Many forms yeorge life are more graceful than we are, more kinesthetically intelligent, far more patient, immeasurably less destructive. Sky by George Gessert Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 12 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


interview with George Gessert, bio-artists, on plants | Arjen Mulder –

He looks at a variety of life forms that humans have helped shape, focusing on plants–the most widely domesticated form of life and the one that has been crucial to his own work as an artist. Your email address will not georgf published. OK, we’ll keep the sublime in mind when we talk about plants.

I became fascinated by how ink spots grow on unprepared papers. We remain isolated in our particular kind of consciousness.

Animals — vertebrates and many invertebrates as well — resemble us in having eyes, mouths, limbs and so forth. As I said, plants are not sentient. We can shape them down to the genetic level. I need to say that the vast majority of small-scale ornamental plant breeders in the United States are not in it for the money. We’re already part of a continuum of matter egssert energy. Most wild plants have these qualities, but so do some highly domesticated hybrids.

Each has its own preferences and set of needs, which account for much of the diversity of flowers. Most judges’ handbooks are full of contradictions and transparently false claims about aesthetic values.

For the last fourteen years I have exhibited live gesserrt, as well as documentation of my breeding projects. They are tenacious and can grow in places no human can endure for long. Towards an Art of Evolution.