GURPS Supers is a superhero roleplaying game written by Loyd Blankenship and published GURPS Supers for 4e was published in , one of several genre books published by Steve Jackson Games for the new edition For the 4th. I did some shopping around on a good system for a supers game. I have in GURPS reads like it might work, but I have never played GURPS. Supers functions just as well as any genre does in GURPS. 3e was fairly new, and only recently started to collect the books again for 4e.

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Martin, Kirkman, and Joss Whedon walked into a bar. Orient – Japan [1]. Is there some reason why no one has mentioned summonable allies limited by what’s nearby? Find More Posts by Almafeta. Written by William H. Meltdown and Fallout lets you add radioactive excitement and danger to your super-heroic campaign. Tags gurpps this Thread gurps.

Originally Posted by TheEmerged. Originally Posted by Flyndaran Is there some reason why no one has mentioned summonable allies limited by what’s nearby? I have looked over Heroes Unlimited, Mutants and Masterminds, and even a few retroclones. Mind Control, by default, can only control one subject at a time, and it has no area effect. Does it work well? Originally Posted by scarmiglionne4. The rules book included advice on creating superhero campaigns, and ways for the game master to customize the style of the campaign.


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GURPS Supers (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

I did some shopping around on a good system for a supers game. Digo Dragon – Artist. This thread’s about updating 3e characters to 4e Get Known if you don’t have an account.

You need to login to do this. None of 4s seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Find More Posts by Hannes With the 4th Edition version, even cosmic-level heroes can now be reproduced, though most of the work for that was done in GURPS Powers.

Patreon DeviantArt Tumblr Fimfiction. The first edition had groupings of character powers that were not used in the second edition. All times are GMT Power Groups were retained as an optional system. Focused on drama and characterization, it provides: This was fixed in the second edition, so that powers could be bought individually.

Again, the latest version has mostly ghrps art, though still uncolored. I would think it will work for what you wanted.

Not quite sure what points total I would useI seem to remember points in more elite commando’s than truly superhuman. The players would be considered young inexperienced heroes who just came into their powers.

GURPS Supers

Pages using deprecated image syntax. Focused on drama and characterization, it provides:. Find More Posts by Kelly Pedersen. The s editions had their own original settingdetailed in Gurps IST International Super Teams super featured an Alternate Universe where the United Nations effectively rules the world and uses superhero teams to keep the peace. And here she is as I converted her. I played in a superpowered police officers game at that sort of point levelalthough I would be careful at the level of disads you are looking at it may well be more than GURPS works with.


The supplement offers additional rules and options for characters with superpowers.

GURPS Supers

I considered Mind Control but Control Fish, Animals or Birds is for 1 hex of per level, so 5 level would be a 5 hex radius. Scott The New World, Part 9: They won’t be throwing tanks or burps off RPGs to the face, but they can still put villains through walls and rip open car doors.

Control All Aquatic life 7 Collective; Ranged []. I am especially interested in free retroclones. What does the system do well, if not this type of game? Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as gugps of our other game lines.