Terluin B. De Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL). Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie [The Four-Dimensional. In non-clinical (working) populations it is important to differentiate between general distress, on the one hand, and psychiatric. Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie. Wat meet de Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL) in vergelijking met enkele.

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Amsterdam, Erven Bohn; We have studied the distribution of common psychological symptoms in a large random sample of general practice patients and discovered that most of the variance of these symptoms could be described by just four symptom dimensions: Reliability and validity of the assessment of depression in general practice: Comparing the mean scores across samples provided already an aspect of construct validity.

De meeste ervaring is tot nu toe opgedaan in de huisartsenpraktijk en in de bedrijfs-gezondheidszorg. De 4DKL heeft als doel stresssymptomen te onderscheiden van depressie, angst en somatisatie.

We investigated the association between the 4DSQ scores and the GPs’ suspicion of somatization in patients with a somatic diagnosis. d4kl

4DSQ – Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire

Thus, the GP’s assessment of the presence of a psychosocial background in patients with somatic symptoms must have been the result of a rather subjective process with questionable reliability. Criterion validity was assessed by comparing the 4DSQ scores with clinical diagnoses, the GPs’ diagnosis of any psychosocial problem for Distress, standardised psychiatric diagnoses for Depression and Anxiety, and GPs’ suspicion of somatization for Somatization.

The 4DSQ is grounded in our study of the clinical characteristics of patients with a “nervous breakdown” presenting in general practice [ 4 ]. With respect to the preparation of the present paper the authors were funded by their respective organisations. The 4DSQ scales correlated with most other questionnaires measuring corresponding constructs.


We conceptualize distress as the direct manifestation of the effort people must exert to maintain their psychosocial homeostasis and social functioning when confronted with taxing life stress [ 7 ].

A study of the general practitioner’s diagnosis of surmenage] Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht; Br J Gen Pract. Differences in 4DSQ scores in patients with a somatic diagnosis between patients with definite, possible and no somatization according to the GP; study A.

4DKL Vragenlijst by Fred Peelen on Prezi

BT is the copyright owner of vragenlijxt 4DSQ and receives copyright fees from companies that use the 4DSQ on a commercial basis the 4DSQ is freely available for non-commercial use in health care and research. This criterion is not meant to be a true gold standard 4ddkl somatization, but rather a reasonable indicator of somatization i.

Managing mental health problems A practical guide for primary care. Social functioning measures were recorded in studies A, F and G. Open in a separate window.

The distinction between distress on the one hand, and depression, anxiety and somatization on the other hand, implies a distinction between “normal” reactions to stress and “abnormal” — psychiatric — disorders. D4kl Angst-schaal vraagt naar specifieke symptomen van angststoornissen: To evaluate the construct validity of the 4DSQ scales we examined the inter-correlations between the scales, the factor structure, the associations with other symptom questionnaires, and the associations with relevant other constructs like stress factors, personality and social functioning.

Proportions shared and unique variance of the 4DSQ scales; standardised Beta-coefficients and explained shared variance R 2 results from multiple regression analysis. The physicians included patients. Met behulp van de 4DKL kan derhalve een goed onderscheid worden gemaakt tussen ongecompliceerde stressgerelateerde problematiek en psychiatrische stoornissen.

BMC Psychiatry ; 14 1: Three patients did not fill in the questionnaires.

Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

Considering that the Depression score reflects the likelihood of the presence of a DSM-IV depressive disorder, we recommend two cut-off points in clinical practice: General Health Questionnaire GP: We found a special relationship between Distress, on the one hand, and Depression and Anxiety and Somatization to a lesser extent on the other hand: Therefore, we performed linear regression analyses with the comparison questionnaires as dependent variables and the 4DSQ scales as independent variables in order to partial out the relative contributions of the 4DSQ scales to the “explanation” of the comparison questionnaires.

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Study A aimed to investigate the characteristics of patients with a nervous breakdown NB in general practice [ 4 ]. The 4DSQ can be used both in clinical practice, especially in general practice and occupational medicine, as well as in research. Replicated factor structure of the Beck Depression Inventory. Psychosociale problematiek en hulpzoeken. However, in practice, the dimensions are correlated, presumably because the strain that produces distress, may also trigger disturbances underlying depression, anxiety or somatization in vulnerable people.

The follow-up study included a postal questionnaire, issued 1—2 weeks later, containing a checklist of psychosocial problems [ 42 ], a life events checklist, a neuroticism questionnaire [ 45 ], a 5-item social disability questionnaire, and a single question about current sick leave from work.

J Nerv Ment Dis. Een vervolgonderzoek naar de invloed van psychosociale belasting op het welbevinden van driehonderd Nederlanders [A troublesome life, or trouble with living.

In study D 55 GP patients with psychological symptoms were interviewed twice by their GP with an interval of 1—2 days. Because some of the variables showed vragenlujst kurtosis, we used elliptical reweighted least squares ERLS estimation. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Qual Life Res ; online first. Furthermore, all data were cross-sectional.