Heron and Other Stories. Sarah Orne Jewett .. I caught a glimpse of a white heron a few miles from here on Saturday, and I have followed it in this direction. A WHITE HERON Source for information on A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett , Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of A White Heron. It helps middle and high school students understand Sarah Orne Jewett’s literary.

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Richard Cary sees Sylvia as undergoing a rite of initiation, a theme that Catherine B.

Though this chase had been so long that the wary animal herself had given an unusual signal of her whereabouts, Sylvia had only laughed when she came upon Mistress Moolly at the swamp-side, and urged her affectionately homeward with a twig of birch leaves. She finally reached a huge pine tree, so tall it could be seen for many miles around. After she climbs the tree and views the heron by herself, in essence communing with it, she refuses to tell the scientist where the heron resides, even though her grandmother rebukes her because they need the money that the man promises them for their assistance.

A White Heron

The birds sang louder and louder. It follows a young city girl named Sylvia who came to live with her grandmother in the country. It was already 8 o’clock and Sylvie wondered if her grandmother would be angry with her for being so late. As the birds bore these nuptial sprays only sxrah nesting time, the young birds, bereaved of their parents, perished too, and the stench of death hung over every colony.

She had never before been alone in the forest as late as this.

In these ofne, our initial entrance into the story gives us a fairy tale-esque feeling. The cow was a good milker, though a plaguy thing to keep track of, the hostess gossiped frankly, adding presently that she had buried four children, so Sylvia’s mother, and a son who might be dead in California were all the children she had left. Have you seen it, too? Retrieved from ” https: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Anything but crows, I tell her, Jswett willin’ to help support — though Dan he had a tamed one o’ them that did seem to have herno same as folks.


No, she must keep silence! The murmur of the pine’s green branches is in her ears, she remembers how the white heron came flying through the golden air and how they watched the sea and the morning together, and Sylvia cannot speak; she cannot tell the heron’s secret and give its life away.

The first scene occurs as Sylvia and the hunter walk through the forest searching for the white jewet the day after he arrives. Bring your gifts and graces and tell your secrets to this lonely country child! I have over different kinds of birds from all over the United States in my study at home. Tilley and her granddaughter give the young man shelter for the night. A young man, an ornitholo-gist from the city, is tracking a rare white heron to add to his collection.

Sylvia felt her way easily. Whatever treasures were lost byy her, woodlands and summer-time, remember!

She forgot to think of sleep. One day, Sylvie’s grandmother had visited them and had chosen Sylvie from all her brothers and sisters to be the one to help her on her farm in Vermont.

The enemy had discovered her, and called out in a very cheerful and persuasive tone, “Halloa, little girl, how far is it to the road? Today snowies by the scores of thousands now nest north to the Great Lakes and southern New England. She thought often with wistful compassion of a wretched geranium that belonged to a town neighbor. Direct link p 9. The short summer night seemed as long as the winter darkness, and at last when the whippoorwills ceased, and she was afraid the morning would after all come too soon, she stole out of the house and followed the pasture path through the woods, hastening toward the open ground beyond, listening with a sense of comfort and companionship to the drowsy twitter of a half-awakened bird, whose perch she had jarred in passing.


Sylvie’s whitte began to beat fast. Sylvia feels bad about not being able to give the man what he seeks, even taking on a submissive position by following and not speaking first. Donovan bg that a bangeing place “is simply a gathering place, like a village store,” a place to “hang out. Then Sylvia, well satisfied, makes her perilous way down again, not daring to look far below the branch she stands on, ready to cry sometimes because her fingers ache and her lamed feet slip.

She forgot even her sorrow at the sharp report of his gun and the sight of thrushes and sparrows dropping silent to the ground, their songs hushed and their pretty feathers stained and wet with blood. Half a mile from home, at the farther edge whiye the woods, where the land was highest, a great pine-tree stood, the last of its generation.

Sarah Orne Jewett’s Fairy Tale: “A White Heron” | Interminable Rambling

To the west she could see other farms and forests. Sylvia climbs an old landmark pine tree, sees the sun rise, catches a glimpse of the great world beyond the woods, jewet finds the heron and its mate.

She was glad to have something to do, and she was hungry herself. Embed share The code has been copied to your clipboard. The guest did not notice this hint of family sorrows in his eager interest in something else. Both her grandmother and the young man stood up as she came into the kitchen.

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