But not that long ago Christina Morassi was unrecognizable compared to the star in ascendancy that we see today. Christina often shares pictures of her days as. After working as a healer in Los Angeles, house-sitting and living on $/month, Christina Morassi took a decision to make a big change in. View Christina Morassi [email protected]’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Christina Morassi has 4 jobs listed on their.

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Oh, Pats, look at your life, look at your choices, look at yourself in these photos: I can’t wait to share more with you!

Christina Morassi – Rock Your Purpose. Make Money. Change the World.

Take the Pleasure Makeover Quiz! She did have about a dozen chickens.

That means I have successfully duplicated myself! I absolutely recommend this program because working with Christina and the sisterhood she attracts can create magic! Earlier this year she transformed into a mermaid. I feel like cgristina helped me take the quantum leap necessary to grow into the highest version of myself as a mission-based business woman.

With boys not much older than he daughter. Imagine if you actually were a CEO and you somehow managed to end up at that woo-shop expecting something resembling a seminar for CEOs.


Skanki has definitely had sex in recent years. Not the most convincing Candy Darling, though. Because Christina is amazing at creating a safe container for women to shed the masks, get real, go deep and pick-up power in some unexpected places. For sitting on the dock of! Several of these women are just hoping to find a few suckers to con so that they can make next month’s rent. The story culminates in her using these skills for the first time when she decides to buy a ticket for the next level conference:.

Before I could be public with our relationship, I needed to reclaim those parts, own them and love them. Why do rich ladies go woo so often? Behold the power of the real queen of seduction!

Christina Morassi

Infinite gratitude to E Dan Smith Kiana Prema Connor Bray and Jacki Saorsail for creating a safe container for us to move through what was really challenging and see what neither of us could see alone. Yep, she is referring to the PleasureCEO. I have claimed my Sovereignty.

Most of the woos were cheering the coresters on, but i did enjoy the comment from someone named Sabrina Dreaming:. Not, in my opinion, about shooting Andy Warhol, because a pacifism, b Warhol was a symptom, not chirstina disease itself, but many other things. They are all so in love with their own body parts. So, let me see if I have this. And, so did I.


Sign up below to get your results by taking the Pleasure Makeover Quiz! A young woman is being shaped by this ridiculous, raging narcissist. Has anyone in this family ever SEEN a chicken?

About Christina

My personal relationships have also dramatically improved. Potential clients are being handed to me on a silver platter.

Mmorassi was like that. Or diddling yourself in a business meeting. And interesting, her latest online rant was all about how when she and her latest Rainbow broke up, she realized she had been wrong to keep the relationship secret.

But since going through the 6-month PleasureCEO Priestess programmy idea has totally become a reality!