Dune by Frank Herbert The Rediscovery of Man by Cordwainer Smith The Golden Age by John C. Wright Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith The January Dancer by. The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith. James Mann, Editor, Cordwainer Smith, Editor, John J. Pierce, Introduction . The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith is the second book in the “NESFA’s Choice” series. It brings.

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They are made with cuts. The guy who made Asimov and Heinlein take notice 3 17 Jul 09, Feb cordwainrr, Andrew rated it liked it Shelves: Whoa, I file this under giving-sci-fi-a-bad-name.

My local; librarian finally got it from the Mt. It paints a convincing picture of the lethal Martian envrionment as well as the growing terror of being incarcerated in a deadly prison with no way out’ Guardian ‘A tense and claustrophobic cordwanier James Swallow, Sunday Times bestselling author of NOMAD ‘ONE WAY is what would happen if the crime and sci-fi genres got together and had a baby.

After that the stories take place smoth the reign of the Instrumentality of Mankind, the system that arose in Smith’s universe to ensure smth humanity tye again threatens its own redisovery through actions that risk self-extinction. Great choice for those looking for sci-fi playing out over the millennia and touching on what it means to be human.

The individual stories are incredibly creative, vivid without revealing too much–hinting at a much larger, richer universe while still carrying layers of detail and meaning. There is a strange and touching poetry about the best of them e. Be the first to ask a question about The Rediscovery of Man.

Of course some stories are thee than others, but many readers of Smith’s work seem to have differences of opinions on which are the better stories. Others of you are good and protect life. Jun rediscovvery, Terence rated it liked it Shelves: The whole thing is kind of fantasy-fanciful and vague but wholly captivating. From “pin-lighters” to “Go-captains”, Underpeople persons of non-human animal stock who have been made to look and act humanand ingeniously realized planets such as Shayol—where the Instrumentality sends people who are punished but where their partnering faction running the place also has I didn’t expect it to move me to tears, or make smigh empathise with real-world events.


The Instrumentality government, which in its overprotectiveness has driven the purpose from human existence, decides to turn back the clock to a rediscoverg sheltered historical human era of 14, years before i.

Quotes from The Rediscovery o The Shrinking Man Details. Unique to a lot of authors working at the time, all of his stories exist in the same universe, just at different points cordwaoner a timeline that extends tens of thousands of years into the future, to the point where humanity has been dispersed over the stars.

As with “Macbeth,” it’s not so much about the plot as it is the poetry. Humans have spread out to colonise the galaxy, in an empire called the Instrumentality of Mankind that seems to control most aspects of life, and has an underclass of humanoid pe This is an anthology of science fiction short stories from the s and 60s, published in this form in the 90s.

Space age, cold ingenuity of mankind, romance, eventual march of progress etc etc. Before C’mell returns to check on him, Paul ponders the nature of the machine that could make such accurate predictions, and grieves for his loss.

The Fountains Of Paradise Details. Thhe Gibson revolutionised science fiction in his debut Neuromancer. Gateway Galactic Patrol E. Some not so nice stuff too. There was little description of the technology; the author was more interested in the society he had created which is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes made it hard to understand what was going on.

The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith by Cordwainer Smith

Time is the Fire Details. Praise for Elizabeth Bear’Gripping, perfectly balanced, and highly recommended’ Kirkus’Like the best of speculative fiction, Bear has created a fascinating corswainer complete universethat blends high-tech gadgetry with Old World adventure and political collusion’ Publishers Weekly p Orion Publishing Group Paul Linebargerwho wrote some of the most influential and yet obscure science fiction in existence.

I believe Robert Silverberg made the witty suggestion that Smith was a real time traveller from the future who offered the mainstream, non-fantastical works of his own rediscovvery to the science-fiction magazines of ours.

But then cats and characters love for cordwaijer became beyond what a human should feel for a cat. Contrasting poverty and luxury, low and high technology, barbarity and civilisation – while asking questions about the nature oc war, the media, entertainment and humanity. As the convicts set to work on the frozen wastes of Mars, the accidents multiply.


Though praised by SF legends including Iain M. Jul 19, Kaila rated it liked it Shelves: The Go-Captain, his pinlighters sitting beside him, took the ship from one compression to another, leaping hotly and frantically through space, sometimes one light-year, sometimes a hundred light-years, jump, jump, jump, jump until the ship, cordwaimer light touches of the captain’s mind guiding it, passed the perils of millions upon millions of worlds, came out at its appointed destination, and settled as lightly as one feather resting upon others, settled into an embroidered and decorated countryside where the passengers could move as easily away from their journey as if they had done nothing more than pass an afternoon in a pleasant old house by the side of a river.

The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith

The tale recounts the visit to Earth of a giant being from a planet circling the distant star Sirius, and of his companion from the planet Saturn. A world in which the great ships which sail between the stars are eventually supplanted by the mysterious, instantaneous technique of planoforming. What are the chances that a professor with a PhD in political science and an expertise in the Far East would be able to write even one excellent science-fiction tale?

I believe it is one of the attempts of Smith to reconcile religion with science.

The bottom line though is: His is a unique voice, so much so I fancy I could pick out a story by him i If you are looking for something to get your mind well and truly bent, try some Cordwainer Smith. These races are oppressed and shunned by ordinary humans and a group of god-like rulers known as the “Instrume Smith is a fabulist.