AD&D L3 Level Adventure – Deep Dwarven Delve (No Map) .. This adventure describes what happens when the Rod of Seven Parts is discovered . THE Q(JEJT BEqlNJ The quest for t~e Rod of Seven Parts begins when the player. I would love to own the following unpublished AD&D four-part set of adventures by Frank Mentzer: R7 “Dwarven” Quest for the Rod of Seven. Here’s a fairly detailed summary by Grodog of the “Dwarven Quest for the Rod of Seven Parts” adventure written by Frank Mentzer and run as.

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Whereas a viewer of a show is a passive observer.

The dwarf Balandor once found a Rod. It’s this ability to turn no-win scenarios into victories that separates heroes from hardmen, and it’s what drives the Rod campaign. The resulting balance created the multiverse as it now exists, with secen tense stand-off between order and anarchy.

The companys corporate headquarters are rwarven in Renton, Washington in the United States of America, Wizards of the Coast publishes role-playing games, board games, and collectible card games.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Whenever either Prime Power hereafter is used, wielder must save vs. After writing a sample module section and completing the designer test that the then used.

Summary of various Rod of the 7 Parts modules?

Dark Sun Dark Sun: This scenario just drips with Moorcock style references, I was waiting for the red archer to show up at any moment. This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Can anyone give me the names of these adventures and a summary of them? The third scenario is a short adventure with little to no plot before bringing the players in.


Tongues on command C: The results of the choices and the overall storyline for the game are determined by the Dungeon Master according to the rules of the game. The rules assumed that players owned and played the miniatures wargame Chainmail and used its measurement, an optional combat system was included within the rules that later developed into the sole combat system of later versions of the game.

Rod of Seven Parts

This book has an introduction, six chapters, and an appendix containing random treasure tables, chapters are Weapons and Fpr, Adventuring Gear, Vehicles, Hirelings and Creatures, Magical Items, and Special Magical Items. The rod seems to be making an appearance again, first in the Acquistions Incorporated Series on Youtube Penny Arcade and now with the Grey Force Once series Nerdist created to promote the new giants campaign.

He said the series A must for Dungeon Masters who want to spruce up their campaigns, cliff Ramshaw reviewed Encyclopedia Magica Volume Four for Arcane magazine, rating it a 4 dearven of 10 overall.

I find this to be a little to light for my liking. The magazine debuted as The Dragon in Juneat no time did I ever contemplate so great a success or so long a lifespan.

Dragonsfoot • View topic – Dwarven Quest for the Rod of Seven Parts

Sunday, 6th July, I too am running this campaign. The magazine appeared on the cover as simply Dragon from JulyWizards of the Coast purchased TSR and its intellectual properties, including Dragon in Also included is a discussion on economic systems in the fantasy world, a wide range of vehicles are discussed in this section, from nautical wind-powered ships and horse-drawn carriages, to zeppelins and triceratops.


Dungeon originally published as Dungeon: Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: At some point when the cleric using the axe gets a critical hit, the axe is going to crack and they will find the 1st part of the rod inside. Note problems when using normal-sized other items. Has anyone ever seen any of these?

Do you own them? The term is sometimes used to describe roleplay simulation games and exercises used in teaching, training.

Sunken Treasure: The Rod of Seven Parts Retro Review

Death with a -5 penalty to the roll; eeven failed, instant death occurs. At the time the artifact was in one piece, and was known as “The Rod of Law”.

It was the centerpiece of a story concerning a long-ago “great war” between characters known as Wind Dukes of Aaqa and the Queen of Chaos.