Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial. Today, I will explain – what is LoadRunner correlation and how to perform it. This is what we call correlation in Load runner. If you make session id. An example is shown below. loadrunner tutorial correlation session id. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

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It’s obvious, that SessionID should be correlated.

Parameterize the dynamic value in the script every time it occurs in the script. It is always advisable to use manual correlation. This function uses the power of regular expressions, below are a few examples:. This is normally done for web application that return data such as session data tutoriql the client.

I’m new to LR, Wonderful Blog. I tried learning correlation from various sources but the information provided here is best!!

I have an issue. How can i apply correlation on these dynamic xml data? I followed your tutorial about correlation and able to capture the valuse.

Excellent, You are Rocking. There are several questions but the webpage will ask one at a time.


The scheme of this interaction is the following: These values are different every time you run an application or record a script. If you do not specify an LB value, it uses all of the characters from the beginning of the data as a boundary. Loadurnner Dmitry, Thanks for over simplified explanations on correlation. Very brilliant language used. Correlation comment – Do not change! Top Loaddrunner Last 30 Days.

I’m going through the tutorial and have a question in regard to the correlation studio.

Also known as regex, a regular expression is a search string which enables matching of a string. Drop me mail at vivek. You can see that dynamic values are saved to parameters and their values are substituted instead of parameters in scripts. Replace every occurrence of dynamic value in script with the parameter This is loadrunnet difficult step.

So, strong understanding of correlation is mandatory requirement for any test engineer, if he plans to be LoadRunner professional or even guru: Anonymous October 31,Please send your question to LoadRunner group.

I have bben looking for months for an example that explains the co-relation concept.

Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial

If these scripts are the same, then you have high confedence, that you don’t need correlate them. Automatically Manually I will describe auto-correlation in the future posts. Of the two, which is the best place to find LB? Now, I’m creating a video explaining this way of correlation. The function finds the left boundary window.


LoadRunner Correlation with web_reg_save_param_regexp

This link would be helpful to you. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Run LoadRunner from command line LoadRunner 9. I am trying to correlate the last word of the sentence because that is an answer correlaion each question. There are few dynamic values passed to the web service in the input argument, wich is an xml string type. Automatic capturing from Tree-view.

Loadrunner Tutorial Manual Correlation | The Open Learning Academy

Looking forward for Many useful examples. This attribute is required. I do have have some other doubts about load runner. This is 13th line – Action. Hi Dmitry, LoadRunner Recording Log gives extended output is there any ways to restrict it only up to Request Header and Response Header, sometime body size is too big and Image and flash output is meaning less so analyzing Recording Log takes too long Thanks Manish Bansal.